Where You Should Be Going for Smoothies in Harvard Square

Photo by Isabel Wagner

Anyone familiar with the restaurants and eateries of Harvard Square knows that this year there is a new kid on the block: Liquiteria. Called “the masters of photoworthy smoothies” by Food Network, Liquiteria was the nation’s first cold-pressed juice bar, starting a trend that has since taken the world by storm.

While standing in line one morning, waiting for the uber-friendly blenderista to finish up my “Hangover Cure” (yes, that is seriously the name of one of their drinks), I thought to myself, “this can’t be the only place in the square to find great smoothies and juices.” And so, I began my search for the best places in Harvard Square to get your greens on.

Photo by Isabel Wagner


Liquiteria was founded in 1996 in the Big Apple, and the Harvard Square location is the juice chain’s first expansion outside of New York. The atmosphere is bright, lively, and very blue (it is their signature color after all). The staff members are infectiously energetic, and also extremely knowledgable about the products they serve.

The menu is chock full of delicious smoothies, cold-pressed juices, cleansing regimens, supplements, and snacks. With juice prices ranging from $7-$10, Liquiteria provides the perfect drink for between classes, after practice, or whenever you’re feeling like getting in some fruits and veggies (but not really feeling the HUDS salad bar).

Liquiteria’s mission is to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle full of essential nutrients and wholesome ingredients, something I feel that they undoubtably accomplish here in Harvard Square.

Source (http://harvard.spoonuniversity.com/)