Debunking 5 Misconceptions of Juice Cleanses

Every day, we all face the challenge of taking care of our bodies–whether it be stretching before a workout, or eating healthy, staying on track can be hard!  And sometimes, getting back on track can be even harder.  If you’re looking for something to help to jump-start your game plan again, look no further than a juice cleanse.

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Juice cleanses are a great way to begin a healthy lifestyle! They help to flush your body of toxins and chemicals, and fill it with the loads of nutrients packed into each juice.  However, it is not the juice cleanse that will do all the work–it’s the work after the cleanse is complete that will truly help to build the body and health-level you desire.

On the other hand, a juice cleanse might seem daunting.  To help you understand more about juice cleanses, we’ve debunked some of the main rumors and deterrents about juice cleanses.

1.You don’t need to chew to intake a day’s worth of healthy calories.  Some might say juice cleanses are crazy, simply because you are not eating anything.  This is incorrect, especially because most cleanses pack the same amount of calories as a daily intake of food calories, but in liquid form and packed with nutrients! You are receiving the same amount of caloric energy, just not chewing.  Trust me, you’ll do it and you will feel great!

2.You should not juice for an extended period of time (your first time). Just like diets, they have to end at some point.  Unless you plan to make a lifestyle choice to drink going forward, you should plan to juice for a short amount of time, such as 3-5 days as a starter. Juice Cleanses are meant to be used this way, as they will help clean your system and make you feel refreshed and ready to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle.

3. Juice cleanses are not code for weight loss. A short juice cleanse is not meant to make you lose weight–in fact, juice cleanses are meant to provide you with the same or similar caloric intake as a regular day of food would.  What the cleanse will do is clean your system of toxins and replace it with good, clean nutrients.  You will feel healthy, energized, and new.

4. They don’t have to be expensive.  While most our favorite juice cleanses are a little on the pricy side, you don’t have to break your wallet in order to cleanse your system.  If you have your own juicer, you can always purchase your own fresh, organic produce and be your own chef! You can also add in a smoothie or two along with your juices, which are easier to make in a blender.  Tip: use frozen bananas to thicken up a smoothie, and use mason jars to not only store, but transport your juices and smoothies with you throughout the day.

5. Juices can be delicious! A common misconception about juice cleanses is that they do not taste good.  However, this is not true–there are so many great juice offerings out on the market today, in so many great tastes! You can mix and match your cleanse to match what fits you–thickness, size, and ultimately, taste.


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These Are the 5 Photoworthy Smoothies of Your Social Media Dreams

Smoothies are a breakfast, lunch and snack staple these days (even great for dessert!). They’re perfect for when you need something to go, and they combine nutrient-rich fruits and veggies of all kinds. But a major breakfast bummer is a smoothie destined for social media greatness that turns muddy from the wrong combo of ingredients. We stopped by Liquiteria — the masters of photoworthy smoothies themselves — in New York City to learn how to get the best combos for the prettiest smoothies. They make 4,000 of them a week!

Mean Green

Ingredients: kale, spinach, mango, bananas, golden pineapple and fresh golden pineapple juice

One of the most-popular smoothies at Liquiteria, the Mean Green keeps the intended gorgeous green because the green and yellow ingredients blend together to amplify the shade. Keeping interfering colors — like blue and red — out of the mix helps this smoothie retain its hue true.

Coffee and Cacao

Ingredients: fair-trade coffee, raw cacao, almond butter, bananas, chocolate almond milk, chocolate whey protein and raw coconut sugar

Caffeinated breakfast smoothies? Oh, yeah! This fan-favorite smoothie is intentionally brown, but like a perfectly milky latte instead of swampy pond water. Committing to the chocolate theme across the board with all ingredients brings the flavor home.

Berry Powerful

Ingredients: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, vanilla almond milk, vanilla whey protein and flax seeds

The deep-purple hue here comes from a palette of berries. Think back to elementary art class: red (strawberries and raspberries) and blue (blueberries) make purple. It’s as simple as that! The lack of greens keeps this one from turning into an unappetizing shade.

Deep Blue Acai

Ingredients: acai, blueberries, mango, vanilla almond milk, orange juice, ginger, vitamin C and raw coconut sugar

Acai naturally has a deep color profile; it appears purple, navy and brown in different lights and in different combinations. In this smoothie, a combination of blue and orange additives brightens up the acai to make it a super-photographable dark purple.

Hangover Cure

Ingredients: papaya, peaches, bananas, apple cider, vanilla almond milk, coconut, vitamin C, liver-kidney-lymph detox and honey

Great for clearing out your system, this smoothie doesn’t need to be limited to a heavy-headed morning. Again, keeping the fruit in a similar color palette gives this smoothie a Creamsicle color. It’s like you’re drinking melted ice cream, but with a boost of vitamins and detoxifying magic.

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The only thing more on trend in New York than spin studios are the juice bars spinsters visit after their class. The liquid green scene is happening all over town. No longer are they a summery cool down beverage, but rather a daily ritual and not just for detoxing.

By Steph Ridhalgh

Ok, so this may be nothing new but liquid sipping has gone high end with a surplus of juice bar chains opening around the city offering their own niche style. As a casual drinker of a green juice I decided I needed to see what the fuss was all about. Word of advice: Living in New York, no one gawks at the price of a $10 juice.

Kicking off the list…

Liquiteria, NYC packs as cold pressed punch with their juice combinations


These juicies pride themselves on being the pioneers of cold press juice, which is the extraction of juice by pressing and grinding to retain all raw vitamins, mineral and live enzymes rather than blending with blades, which produces heat and essentially reduce nutrients.

The thing I love about Liquiteria, is the variety within the delicious All Greens juices. It comes plain for the regulars, with apple for those who want a bit of sweetness and then a lemon and ginger option for the hard-core greenies.

Everyone was raving about Turmeric Tone, a juice claiming to help with digestion and fight off sickness. Hesitant to try this turmeric, probiotic, lemon and maple syrup concoction, I can’t say I was dying for more but I knew it was doing good for my body.

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After finishing up with my clients, we had great time at Bloomingdales for the Jo Malone spring collection always fill up on @liquiteria when I’m in NYC.  When at home, I have it shipped to me weekly.  My fav is theKiller XX juice, it has kept me super healthy throughout the year!nyc-POST-liquiteria2-2

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Juicing in the City: Best Spots for fresh pressed juices


Why: The simple, no frills cold-pressed drinks at Liquiteria are great for keeping your immune system in check, and making sure you fight off any signs of sickness. The cold pressed drinks are just what the doctor ordered. Bonus tip: Grab a Liquiteria fresh pressed drink for breakfast right here at District M before hitting the lively streets of NYC!

Order This: All Greens with apple, lemon and ginger: just about everything you need to fight off any germs you might have picked up on the 6 train.

Liquiteria – Original location
170 Second Avenue
New York, New York, 10003  



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Best juices, best smoothies, best quinoa bowls! I love how Liquteria is expanding so much around NYC because it’s so much easier for me to get my fix as often as I want. On a weekend morning, wanting a juice or smoothie is one of the best motivators to get out of bed.

Tracey’s favorite:

Mean green smoothie Hangover cure smoothie Juice: All greens with apple


170 Second Ave @11th St

102 8th Ave @ 15th St

26 East 17th St between Broadway & 5th

145 4thAve @ 13th St

Cold Press Juice

Tracey’s favorite:

Mean green smoothie Hangover cure smoothie Juice: All greens with apple

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A Stop Along the Way: Liquiteria

A Stop Along the Way showcases the top up and coming restaurants, shops, galleries and everywhere in between to visit on the East Coast. Somewhere you think I should check out? Tweet me @alexa_curtis with your idea! 

I chose 4 different juices to try (there are several more options) along with 3 elixir shots. My favorite juice is the pineapple + apple, and my favorite shot was the ginger, lemon and cayenne. I couldn’t finish the rest of the shots they are that intense, but my dad enjoyed them! 

Along with goodies in the cooler, Liquiteria offers a huge selection of gluten-free and dairy-free treats for you to take home, like brownies made with cacao and almond flour, scones made with brown rice flour, and quinoa granola bars!

This is oatmeal with almond milk topped with raisins, cinnamon, apples and berries. 

Today on “A Stop Along the Way” (I sound like a TV ad here) I bring you Liquiteria, New York City’s Original Cold Pressed Juice joint. I’ve known about Liquiteria for quite some time now, but with 2 up and coming locations in NYC (as well as plans to expand across the country) I had to stop in and see what the commotion was about.

The original location is on 2nd Avenue, close to Union Square. What looks like a normal corner store joint is a health junkie’s playground. This is the largest Liquiteria location, so the seating inside allows you to grab breakfast or a juice and people watch on your way to work or on a lazy Sunday morning. Everything at Liquiteria is made to order, besides the fresh to-go meals and juices inside the cooler (that are made that day and pre-packed, the food comes from a raw chef in a neighboring state). With items like peanut butter acai bowls (the best one I’ve ever tasted) and green juices to “skinny” smoothies with strawberry and banana, Liquiteria is for the health nut and everyone in between.

A large concern for many when purchasing raw/organic foods is the price. Why spend $7.50 on a small bottle of cold pressed coconut water when you can spend $4 on 2 servings at Walmart? The difference is obvious. Compare Liquiteria’s cold pressed coconut water to Vita Coco and you can taste the difference. This one seems cleaner, fresher, and with a more rich and delicate taste. And what the heck is whey protein and liver kidney lymph detox? Are we back in science class here? Both are common superfood additions to add to smoothies and juices, which are created right in front of your eyes at the juice bar. 

“Our cold pressed juice is packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables, flooding your body with wholesome nutrition with the nourishment you crave.”

Along with the delicious tasting juices,  the food is a strong competition. Everything from toasted yams made with coconut oil and turmeric, packaged and ready for you to take home and eat up, to kale and salmon salad to incredibly satisfying chocolate chia seed pudding is available. On the menu made in kitchen, you can choose warm and hearty oatmeal topped with additions of your choosing, as well as acai bowls (see my recipe for one here, made with almond milk and blended acai). I recommend the peanut butter acai bowl, topped with granola and a rich, indulgent layer of fresh peanut butter. 

For those of you into nutrition, and those of you aren’t as in to the trend, Liquiteria has something for everyone. Make sure to stop by the 2nd Avenue location, the Chelsea location, and the new Union Square location!


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