Debunking 5 Misconceptions of Juice Cleanses

Every day, we all face the challenge of taking care of our bodies–whether it be stretching before a workout, or eating healthy, staying on track can be hard!  And sometimes, getting back on track can be even harder.  If you’re looking for something to help to jump-start your game plan again, look no further than a juice cleanse.

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Juice cleanses are a great way to begin a healthy lifestyle! They help to flush your body of toxins and chemicals, and fill it with the loads of nutrients packed into each juice.  However, it is not the juice cleanse that will do all the work–it’s the work after the cleanse is complete that will truly help to build the body and health-level you desire.

On the other hand, a juice cleanse might seem daunting.  To help you understand more about juice cleanses, we’ve debunked some of the main rumors and deterrents about juice cleanses.

1.You don’t need to chew to intake a day’s worth of healthy calories.  Some might say juice cleanses are crazy, simply because you are not eating anything.  This is incorrect, especially because most cleanses pack the same amount of calories as a daily intake of food calories, but in liquid form and packed with nutrients! You are receiving the same amount of caloric energy, just not chewing.  Trust me, you’ll do it and you will feel great!

2.You should not juice for an extended period of time (your first time). Just like diets, they have to end at some point.  Unless you plan to make a lifestyle choice to drink going forward, you should plan to juice for a short amount of time, such as 3-5 days as a starter. Juice Cleanses are meant to be used this way, as they will help clean your system and make you feel refreshed and ready to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle.

3. Juice cleanses are not code for weight loss. A short juice cleanse is not meant to make you lose weight–in fact, juice cleanses are meant to provide you with the same or similar caloric intake as a regular day of food would.  What the cleanse will do is clean your system of toxins and replace it with good, clean nutrients.  You will feel healthy, energized, and new.

4. They don’t have to be expensive.  While most our favorite juice cleanses are a little on the pricy side, you don’t have to break your wallet in order to cleanse your system.  If you have your own juicer, you can always purchase your own fresh, organic produce and be your own chef! You can also add in a smoothie or two along with your juices, which are easier to make in a blender.  Tip: use frozen bananas to thicken up a smoothie, and use mason jars to not only store, but transport your juices and smoothies with you throughout the day.

5. Juices can be delicious! A common misconception about juice cleanses is that they do not taste good.  However, this is not true–there are so many great juice offerings out on the market today, in so many great tastes! You can mix and match your cleanse to match what fits you–thickness, size, and ultimately, taste.


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An employee at the Harvard Square Liquiteria prepares a smoothie behind the counter. Liquiteria offers fresh smoothies, cold pressed juices, and prepared foods. ALANA M STEINBERG

I walk up to Liquiteria, intrigued, practically purring with intrigue. I think I might catch three stray cats so we can all literally purr with intrigue. What possibly could this new business serve? Their name makes no sense, it isn’t a word in the dictionary. I was unbearably, intensely intrigued, so I decided to look the word up. Nothing. I even read through all of Shakespeare’s plays in case this was one of his new words that didn’t catch on. Once again, nothing. I did find the word lackcustard, which somehow never caught on.

In the window, I see meadows. Grass as far as the eye can see. It’s waving as if stirred by some coastal Italian breeze. Imported Italian air. Nice. Not cheap, not cheap at all. When I enter, it turns out the stirring meadows are just little boxes of plastic grass. How was I fooled? Sorcery! Liquiteria is truly an enchanting place.

Upbeat pop music is playing and the singer keeps repeating “everybody.” I like this place. I want to be part of everybody. I just want to fit in.

I walk up to the cashier who is donned in her best Best Buy blue shirt, intriguing of course. Come to think about it, they are all wearing Best Buy blue. Maybe they work at Best Buy too. Wait! Is this a Best Buy? This would not be the first time I wandered into a Best Buy unknowingly, innocently. Last year, I spent the first four CS50 lectures in one, just looking at computers wondering when they’d teach me something.

Squinting, I look around and go through my checklist. Are there TVs everywhere? No. Is the floor poorly carpeted? Tiled. Do the walls say Best Buy? Liquiteria.

The cashier catches my puzzled look. I recover and act casual. Hands on my hips I let out a barking laugh. “Ha! It’s a fine day to be alive, isn’t that right my fellow Liquiterian?” She looks at me normally, so I know I’ve acted casually. Perfect! I’m already a part of everybody. This is so much easier than fifth grade.

“I’ll only take the best, but don’t you already know that my chummy liquiterian!” She shrugs in that classic Liquiterian way and I pay. $8.50 That’s a lot of money, honey. I purr with intrigue.

I wait. They call my name as I’m stroking my back. Purr. Purr. Purr.

The Best Buy employee hands me a cup with green “liquid.” Oh, I get it now. Liqui-teria. Like a liquid cafeteria. Genuis, pure genius. The drink was like a bad jamba juice, but the name. Everything is in the name. I would pay $8.50 over and over again to say that godly name. Liquiteria. Liquiteria. Liquiteria. I love this place.

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The only thing more on trend in New York than spin studios are the juice bars spinsters visit after their class. The liquid green scene is happening all over town. No longer are they a summery cool down beverage, but rather a daily ritual and not just for detoxing.

By Steph Ridhalgh

Ok, so this may be nothing new but liquid sipping has gone high end with a surplus of juice bar chains opening around the city offering their own niche style. As a casual drinker of a green juice I decided I needed to see what the fuss was all about. Word of advice: Living in New York, no one gawks at the price of a $10 juice.

Kicking off the list…

Liquiteria, NYC packs as cold pressed punch with their juice combinations


These juicies pride themselves on being the pioneers of cold press juice, which is the extraction of juice by pressing and grinding to retain all raw vitamins, mineral and live enzymes rather than blending with blades, which produces heat and essentially reduce nutrients.

The thing I love about Liquiteria, is the variety within the delicious All Greens juices. It comes plain for the regulars, with apple for those who want a bit of sweetness and then a lemon and ginger option for the hard-core greenies.

Everyone was raving about Turmeric Tone, a juice claiming to help with digestion and fight off sickness. Hesitant to try this turmeric, probiotic, lemon and maple syrup concoction, I can’t say I was dying for more but I knew it was doing good for my body.

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After finishing up with my clients, we had great time at Bloomingdales for the Jo Malone spring collection always fill up on @liquiteria when I’m in NYC.  When at home, I have it shipped to me weekly.  My fav is theKiller XX juice, it has kept me super healthy throughout the year!nyc-POST-liquiteria2-2

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Juicing in the City: Best Spots for fresh pressed juices


Why: The simple, no frills cold-pressed drinks at Liquiteria are great for keeping your immune system in check, and making sure you fight off any signs of sickness. The cold pressed drinks are just what the doctor ordered. Bonus tip: Grab a Liquiteria fresh pressed drink for breakfast right here at District M before hitting the lively streets of NYC!

Order This: All Greens with apple, lemon and ginger: just about everything you need to fight off any germs you might have picked up on the 6 train.

Liquiteria – Original location
170 Second Avenue
New York, New York, 10003  



Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t hate fruits and vegetables, but my favorite foods are the kind that consist of bread and cheese (usually both.) I try and incorporate lots of vegetables into dinner and have been making spinach and fruit smoothies in the morning, but when I decided to join my friend on a weekend getaway to Miami, I decided to give myself a little kick-in-the-butt to feel less shame wearing a bathing suit in January, also the most popular month for everyone ever to work out and eat right because HELLO, RESOLUTIONS.

*I shouldn’t say “lazy” because I went to the gym and occasionally attend fitness classes that can be fun, but in general my preferred winter activities are eating and not moving.

Note: juice cleanses are not cheap. But sites like Gilt City (which I use for EVERYTHING, sign up here) and Groupon usually have offers on these sorts of things, and I found a 3-day option at Liquiteria for $79 that allowed me to still eat dinner during the cleanse called “Juice, Eat, Repeat.” I have tried other cleanses before: Master Cleanse in 2010, made it 4 days before realizing it was stupid and probably not healthy and BluePrint in 2012, where I could not finish all 6 juices for the 3 days that I did it because their green ones are too intense. This one was definitely the best-tasting and went the most smoothly as I didn’t want to barf or collapse.


I pick up the first two days of juice on a Thursday morning at Liquiteria’s Union Square location. They hand me 8 bottles in a cute little blue reusable tote, and I check the order. Of course, the green juice with no fruit in it is the one you must drink first. Aka, the one that normally tastes like garbage water. I break the rules and have a sip of coconut water (4) first, because f authority. IT IS THE BEST COCONUT WATER I HAVE EVER TASTED THAT IS NOT DIRECTLY BEING SIPPED FROM AN ACTUAL COCONUT. Then I suck it up and go for “All Greens” and to my surprise, it’s fine. WAIT- there’s an aftertaste, I’m assuming from the parsley and celery, two things I don’t want in my juice. But it’s manageable, and I finish the rest of the juice and go to work.IMG_1158

I start on the next juice, another All Greens but this time, with apple. The apple eliminates the weird aftertaste and I’m very grateful because it’s the best tasting green juice I have ever had at this point. I’m a little hungry, but I try to ignore it and just drink a lot of water.

To cope with the sadness of not going to lunch with my coworkers, I go to the gym for a little bit on lunch break. I’m not famished or anything, so I do a pretty normal 30-minute workout and then go back to my office.

Back at my desk, I try the “Beets Me” juice, a pretty standard mix of beet, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. Sweet, spicy, I’m fine with it, but as soon as it’s over I am ELATED to finish that coconut water. Then I get to go home and eat!

It’s recommended that one eats raw and clean when still juicing, but I make little chicken tacos before heading out to DJ at some bar. It’s also recommended you don’t drink alcohol while juicing, but I have a beer and half a whiskey ginger because having to be at a bar for hours sober and play music for drunk people is insufferable when completely sober.

The next morning I can definitely FEEL that I drank, although it was close to NOTHING. So the cleanse is working, but again: you’re not supposed to drink. Don’t drink. I had to. The end. You’re also not supposed to drink coffee, which was hard, but I did it.

The next day flies by, although I want to eat warm food because the heat in my office is broken. The holy coconut water gets me through the struggle.


I take the day off from the gym and make seared scallops with cauliflower puree, roasted bacon and brussels sprouts which again, not raw, but again, I DON’T LIKE RULES. But I drink lots of water instead of beer and lay in bed all night. I start noticing that my nose is running, and no, I cannot go and catch it. Then I start sneezing a lot. Turns out getting cold symptoms while juicing is normal and has to do with your body withdrawing from whatever you put into it (in my case, caffeine) and is affected by the toxins that live inside you getting moved up and out. This is debated between many sources, but for the most part, I can definitely confirm the caffeine withdrawal being real, and get up early the next day to pick up the last juices.


We meet again, friend. I shop around Union Square, then bring my juices home and go to the gym. Nose is still runny. I see a truck with a Carvel Ice Cream Cake on it that I stare at for my entire workout. Again, I have a lot of energy, but we’re in the home stretch and food is so close yet so far. I go home and finish the Beets Me juice before chugging the glorious coconut water and running around my house screaming “I’M DONE I MADE IT!” I consider making steak to celebrate, but then I go out and end up eating piergois. Not raw, not clean, but let a girl eat a boiled potato dumpling, alright?

The next day, my nose isn’t incredibly runny anymore. Science?

Things that suck about juicing:
-the food other people are eating smells better than anything you have ever experienced in your lifetime
-you don’t get to go to lunch with your coworkers, unless you are a masochist
-on the second day, you notice yourself sniffling and sneezing, which is supposed to be a good thing
-sometimes things that shouldn’t be in drinks are in drinks: PARSLEY
-you can’t (shouldn’t) drink
-you can’t eat pizza

Things that are great about juicing:
-you have a lot of energy, surprisingly enough
-you become more aware of what you put in your body and are more inclined to eat healthier and incorporate juices into your diet going forward
-you don’t have to buy/make that much food for however long you’re juicing
-most of the juices taste pretty good and you are getting nutrients from sources you may not normally eat (they’re good for you but who eats beets that often, honestly?)

So, for all the people who have successfully completed cleanses and did everything you were supposed to: great job, it’s not easy. For the rest of us who like to *modify* things to work with our schedules and lifestyles, you can still reap the benefits if you try hard enough. Hard enough means don’t eat a whole pizza to yourself and try to eat more vegetable based meals instead, even if they aren’t raw/vegan because most of us can’t be bothered with that (though it will allegedly make the cleanse more effective. ALLEGEDLY.)

Shouts to Liquiteria for making yummy juices that I hope to consume regularly, cleanse or not <3