Debunking 5 Misconceptions of Juice Cleanses

Every day, we all face the challenge of taking care of our bodies–whether it be stretching before a workout, or eating healthy, staying on track can be hard!  And sometimes, getting back on track can be even harder.  If you’re looking for something to help to jump-start your game plan again, look no further than a juice cleanse.

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Juice cleanses are a great way to begin a healthy lifestyle! They help to flush your body of toxins and chemicals, and fill it with the loads of nutrients packed into each juice.  However, it is not the juice cleanse that will do all the work–it’s the work after the cleanse is complete that will truly help to build the body and health-level you desire.

On the other hand, a juice cleanse might seem daunting.  To help you understand more about juice cleanses, we’ve debunked some of the main rumors and deterrents about juice cleanses.

1.You don’t need to chew to intake a day’s worth of healthy calories.  Some might say juice cleanses are crazy, simply because you are not eating anything.  This is incorrect, especially because most cleanses pack the same amount of calories as a daily intake of food calories, but in liquid form and packed with nutrients! You are receiving the same amount of caloric energy, just not chewing.  Trust me, you’ll do it and you will feel great!

2.You should not juice for an extended period of time (your first time). Just like diets, they have to end at some point.  Unless you plan to make a lifestyle choice to drink going forward, you should plan to juice for a short amount of time, such as 3-5 days as a starter. Juice Cleanses are meant to be used this way, as they will help clean your system and make you feel refreshed and ready to commit to a new, healthy lifestyle.

3. Juice cleanses are not code for weight loss. A short juice cleanse is not meant to make you lose weight–in fact, juice cleanses are meant to provide you with the same or similar caloric intake as a regular day of food would.  What the cleanse will do is clean your system of toxins and replace it with good, clean nutrients.  You will feel healthy, energized, and new.

4. They don’t have to be expensive.  While most our favorite juice cleanses are a little on the pricy side, you don’t have to break your wallet in order to cleanse your system.  If you have your own juicer, you can always purchase your own fresh, organic produce and be your own chef! You can also add in a smoothie or two along with your juices, which are easier to make in a blender.  Tip: use frozen bananas to thicken up a smoothie, and use mason jars to not only store, but transport your juices and smoothies with you throughout the day.

5. Juices can be delicious! A common misconception about juice cleanses is that they do not taste good.  However, this is not true–there are so many great juice offerings out on the market today, in so many great tastes! You can mix and match your cleanse to match what fits you–thickness, size, and ultimately, taste.


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