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Debunking 5 Misconceptions of Juice Cleanses

ON SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 BY THEPLANKSLATEIN UNCATEGORIZED Every day, we all face the challenge of taking care of our bodies–whether it be stretching before a workout, or eating healthy, staying on track can be hard!  And sometimes, getting back on track can be even harder.  If you’re looking for something to help to jump-start your game plan again, look no […]


An employee at the Harvard Square Liquiteria prepares a smoothie behind the counter. Liquiteria offers fresh smoothies, cold pressed juices, and prepared foods. ALANA M STEINBERG I walk up to Liquiteria, intrigued, practically purring with intrigue. I think I might catch three stray cats so we can all literally purr with intrigue. What possibly could […]

Where You Should Be Going for Smoothies in Harvard Square

Photo by Isabel Wagner Anyone familiar with the restaurants and eateries of Harvard Square knows that this year there is a new kid on the block: Liquiteria. Called “the masters of photoworthy smoothies” by Food Network, Liquiteria was the nation’s first cold-pressed juice bar, starting a trend that has since taken the world by storm. While standing in […]

These Are the 5 Photoworthy Smoothies of Your Social Media Dreams

Smoothies are a breakfast, lunch and snack staple these days (even great for dessert!). They’re perfect for when you need something to go, and they combine nutrient-rich fruits and veggies of all kinds. But a major breakfast bummer is a smoothie destined for social media greatness that turns muddy from the wrong combo of ingredients. […]


EXPLORE, NOURISH JULY 17, 2015 NEW YORK: WHERE TO GET YOUR NEXT JUICE HIT IN THE CITY The only thing more on trend in New York than spin studios are the juice bars spinsters visit after their class. The liquid green scene is happening all over town. No longer are they a summery cool down […]

Liquiteria: Difficult to Say, Easy to Sip

By Dana Ferrante ’17 One week ago today, Liquiteria opened its doors to the public for the first time, its bright blue and yellow interior the only beacon of hope on the otherwise dismally cold June day. While the New England weather may not always show it, Liquiteria radiates the tastes and smells of summer, offering […]


After finishing up with my clients, we had great time at Bloomingdales for the Jo Malone spring collection event.I always fill up on @liquiteria when I’m in NYC.  When at home, I have it shipped to me weekly.  My fav is theKiller XX juice, it has kept me super healthy throughout the year! Source (lifecoach2women.com)

Juicing in the City: Best Spots for fresh pressed juices

JUICE HERE: LIQUITERIA Why: The simple, no frills cold-pressed drinks at Liquiteria are great for keeping your immune system in check, and making sure you fight off any signs of sickness. The cold pressed drinks are just what the doctor ordered. Bonus tip: Grab a Liquiteria fresh pressed drink for breakfast right here at District […]


Let’s get one thing straight: I don’t hate fruits and vegetables, but my favorite foods are the kind that consist of bread and cheese (usually both.) I try and incorporate lots of vegetables into dinner and have been making spinach and fruit smoothies in the morning, but when I decided to join my friend on […]


LIQUITERIA January 20, 2015 by Tracey Lemle 0 Comments Best juices, best smoothies, best quinoa bowls! I love how Liquteria is expanding so much around NYC because it’s so much easier for me to get my fix as often as I want. On a weekend morning, wanting a juice or smoothie is one of the […]